About Us

A core team of instructors and practitioners conduct the following ongoing classes and practices that contribute to health and well-being of the whole person—mind, body and spirit. To learn more about them and their areas of expertise please refer to our Instructors/Practitioners page.


One of Odyssey Center’s primary aims is to bring yoga to the community. For those of you who are beginners or have never even been to a yoga class, we especially welcome you. Our teachers are experienced in working with young adults to elder adults, whatever the level of experience, and are skilled at offering modifications in practice.

    A Yoga practice for all ages and all bodies. No previous experience required.  An excellent opportunity for everyone to be able to reap the many benefits that Yoga provides.
    A flowing Yoga practice placing emphasis on all aspects of Yoga – breath and movement coordination, strength building, targeting specific body areas and some elements of aerobics. Beginners are very welcome (flexibility is NOT a pre-requisite for practicing Yoga)
    This practice includes typical Vinyasa flow along with Yin style Yoga (longer holds of poses with each pose targeting a specific area of the body) Beginners are very welcome.
  4. CHAIR YOGA:  A class dedicated to the use of a chair and other props for support. Many of the benefits achieved through standard poses may be realized with the use of supports.

Drumming: Hand Percussion

Dr. Arvin Scott brings the moving experience of hand drumming to Odyssey Center, offering group classes on Monday afternoon.

Community Drum Circle

Odyssey Center offers the opportunity for people to gather to move to and be moved by the rhythm of the drum. No experience necessary, just join in with your own unique beat. Children are welcome—they are good reminders of how to move and groove in ways we adults may have forgotten!

First Sunday’s from June through November, 4:00 until 6:00.


Workshops presented by guest practitioners and teachers will be offered throughout the year and will appear on the website calendar when scheduled.